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    Hopefully, you are all still keeping well and looking forward to getting back out on the water. Well the time has come whereby we can start club organised sessions again as from Next Saturday the 4th July. Not as they were, which I doubt will happen this year for sure but at least with the very generous help of our coaches we can put out two groups of one coach and 5 paddlers at a time on Saturday Mornings and Tuesday evenings depending on the demand for this. There are however a couple of draw backs for this, one of which is that we will have a have a booking system to accommodate for everybody. Unfortunately, if the numbers exceed 10 on any of these sessions, we have left in the season then the non-paddlers on week one will get first choice on the second week and so on. So, it will mean first come first served to begin with. Although the plan at this time because of the mix in abilities is to use these sessions as recreation paddles it is up to you and the coach with you as to whether as time goes on you might ask for some tuition or coaching.

    Secondly if you wish to partake in a club paddle you will also have to sign a PPCA COVID-19 Consent Form which will be attached to the Application form. This will be self-explanatory when you read it.

    Other than that, we have made all the preparations for opening both the sheds regarding sanitising yourselves and any equipment that you might take out from the Club Shed and likewise on its return. Signs are in place so please adhere to them

    Times for these sessions will be as follows

    Saturday Morning: Group One will leave at 1000 hrs and Group Two will leave at 1030 hrs. The return times will be agreed to by the 2 Coaches prior to leaving a half hour space between each group

    Tuesday Evening: Group One will leave at 1800 hrs returning at 2000 hrs and Group Two will leave at 1830 hrs returning at 2030 hrs

    Session Booking: This can be found on the Club Web site and will go live at 1900 hrs next Tuesday 30th June for Saturday and the following Tuesday

    BEWARE At the time of writing this there will not be any changing or toilet facilities at the Mount Batten Centre which is still closed so you will have to change near to your vehicles.

    It is still paramount that we keep to the current Government and Public

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