Equipment & Clothing

If you attend a PPCA course, or join the club, we can provide you with all the equipment you need to get started.

For the novice, the range of canoeing clothing and equipment available can be baffling, so here we can show you the basic’s to get you out on the water and paddling!:


Equipment & Clothing  – What the Club can provide

Kayaks & Canoes: The club owns approx. 50 general purpose kayaks, 8 sea kayaks and 5 ‘open canoes. If you do a course with us your boat is provided (unless you want to bring your own). If you join the club you can use a club boat for all club paddles.

Paddle: With over 100 paddles to choose from you will find one you like. Kayak paddles, available in both left-handed and right-handed versions, have a blade at either end of a central shaft. A canoe paddle has a single blade at one end and a T-grip or scrolled grip.

The length of your paddle will depend on what type of paddling you’ll be doing and your height size.

Buoyancy Aid: Wearing of a buoyancy aid is mandatory. This equipment will help you stay afloat but it will also allow you to swim. The club has a large number or buoyancy aids in various sizes which will be made available to you.

Helmets: Depending on your age, or what activity you are doing on the water, wearing of a helmet may be compulsory. The club has a large amount of good quality helmets in a range of colours and sizes.

Waterproof Jacket: A Cagoule (Cag for short) is perfect for keeping splashed water or the rain at bay. Again the club has a large range of modern stylish Cags in various sizes and colours from which you can choose and use.


What you need to bring with you

An old T-shirt and tracksuit trousers, clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Swimwear is normally worn underneath. If you have a wetsuit you could bring that along. Footwear, again an old pair of training shoes/pumps are ideal to begin with. Speak to the club members if you have other clothing in mind.