Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I speak to about a medical condition?
The Club is run by a committee of unpaid volunteers, most of who work full time. Please email our intro coordinators who can answer any questions you may have about our Club, courses on offer etc, drop them an email at

For other general enquires please email this goes to the Club secretary and items will be forwarded on to the right person.

What activities does the PPCA do throughout the year?
The club provides a busy year-wide programme of events and there is normally something for everyone. During the winter months there are river trips to experience the thrill of white water paddling, concurrently other paddlers will be out along the coast possibly in their sea kayaks. During April to September we concentrate on other training, be it in Open Canoes, Sit On Tops or General Purpose kayaks. We follow BC guidelines in our training programme and help people progress in their abilities.
How do I join the PPCA and what options are available?
Click here to see the section on joining the PPCA.
Does the club offer storage for private boats?
Click here to read about storage of private boats.
What do I need to bring with me on the Intro course?
If you attend a PPCA course, or join the club, we can provide you with all the equipment you need to get started. For the novice, the range of canoeing clothing and equipment available can be baffling, we can show you the basic’s to get you out on the water and paddling! Please follow the link here to “Clothing & Equipment”.
When are intro courses held?
Click here to see when our courses are held.
Does the PPCA follow the guidelines issued by British Canoeing?
The PPCA is affiliated to British Canoeing (BC), the governing body for paddlesports in England. All club coaches are BC registered and qualified and coaches plus assistants are subject to Disclosure & Barring checks as per the Government’s guidance.
How do I become a coach?
Click here to learn how to become a coach.