Boat Storage Renewal (Members only)

Please fill in the form and read the full description below. Only use this facility if your boat is already stored in the members shed.

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Please note that boat storage space is available to current club members. Therefore, if your membership lapses you will be asked to remove your boat and no refund of storage fees is available.  Boat storage fees go towards the rent on the shed.  Boat storage fees are paid in January for the year ahead.  You can complete this process by following the links from here and pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Once payment has been made a tag will be applied to your boat – please let me know if this is lost or broken.  The RNLI recommend that you also indelibly mark your boat with name and contact details.

A key is available to members using the shed for a £10 refundable deposit, so that they can access boats at times other than club sessions.  The key holder has a number of significant responsibilities that may not be immediately obvious.  Key holders are personally responsible for the security of ALL the kit in the members’ shed, and not just that of the member.

  • Care must be taken to ensure that the shed is ALWAYS locked when not under direct supervision.
  • The user of the key must PERSONALLY double-check that the shed is locked before leaving the vicinity, and that the water and lights are switched off.

Key holders also hold a responsibility towards the safety of anyone else going out paddling as a result of their access to the sheds.

  • The PPCA cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may arise from members taking their boats at times other than the scheduled, supervised sessions.
  • Key holders may NOT allow any under-18 club members access to their boats without the full permission of all the respective parents/guardians.

Equipment Insurance

  • Please bear in mind that equipment stored in the shed is NOT covered under the club’s current insurance policy.
  • If you take out insurance on your boat etc, then you should remember that the policy would not usually cover theft unless there is proof of ‘breaking and entering’ into the sheds. Some house contents policies will cover the boat in ‘other’ premises provided they are secure.  Unfortunately, they do not usually cover accidental damage whilst in use.
  • You may want to take out insurance to cover your equipment in storage and/or whilst in use. British Canoeing offers a policy to members:

Please be aware that at the check out you will be required to indicate your Kayak or Canoe make, model, colour and if you currently hold a key.

Please note that by applying on-line you are accepting our terms and conditions. I have read and understood my responsibility as a club shed user and/or key holder.  I understand & agree that the PPCA reserves the right to remove and to dispose of craft & equipment left within the association’s premises by a person without a current PPCA membership or who have not paid the annual storage fees by the allocated date.