River Wye Open Boat Trip

From: £30.00



The recent faint glint of spring weather has had me looking forward to the summer, and this year I am very excited to announce we will be offering an open canoe camping weekend! The plan is to head to the river Wye on Friday 2nd August, paddling from Hay on Wye to Hereford over 2 days, and returning on Sunday 4th.

Camping has been arranged for both nights at the following paddle friendly campsites – Racquetry Farm and Byecross Farm. Both campsites have toilets, showers, hot water for washing up, and both allow fires and offer the option to buy logs.

We intend to camp at Racquetry on Friday after sorting out any necessary shuttles, the following day we will break camp and take everything in the boats, launching direct from the campsite. The journey to Byecross Farm should be a good day’s paddling depending on river flow (17 miles). Sunday we will break camp again before continuing to Hereford (11miles) where we can sort gear out and get drivers back to cars.

You do not need to be an avid open boater to join, and there is plenty of time to get skills up to scratch between now and then!