Covid Consent Form


Please use this product to agree to the PPCA Covid 19 consent form, if you are a coach or have taken the space of someone book on a session.




[PPCA] Commitment

Our priority remains the health and wellbeing of our members. We are therefore committed to ensuring that any return to paddling or Club activities takes place in as safe environment as is possible and that we all continue to help suppress the spread of the Covid-19 virus. We will take all reasonable precautions against the Covid-19 virus and act in accordance with our Duty of Care to you as a Club member at all times. We will also ensure we act in accordance with all relevant legislation and government guidance in this area.

Your Commitment

  1. I confirm that I have read, understood, and agree to comply with the Club’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment and any Club guidance, communications, or policies related to Covid-19. The risk assessment is available here.
  2. I have sought answers to any and all questions I have regarding the Club’s position from the relevant Club officials.
  3. I confirm that I have not displayed any Covid-19 symptoms or to the best of my knowledge been in close contact with someone who has displayed symptoms in the last 21 days.
  4. I confirm that I will adhere to Government and Public Health England guidelines whilst attending the Club or partaking in Club activities.
  5. I understand that by attending the Club and partaking in Club activities I may be subject to an increased risk of exposure to Covid-19 and that by taking part in such activities I am accepting this increased risk.